About The Author

I’m a new author entering the world of publishing head first. Any reviews, comments, or constructive criticism anyone can offer is appreciated. I’m here to write for you, my readers, so you have a say in this!

I’ve chosen to devote this blog to writing book reviews, travel reviews, novel ideas, author interviews and my struggles/accomplishments in this process. Enjoy!

When I’m not blogging or writing fiction, I’m managing a board game store and writing for GameSalute.com. Stop by and check out the board game news I post anytime on GameSalute.

For more on Tearing Honor or me, check out this fabulous interview! Thanks, Thomas Amo, for taking the time to interview me.

You can find me on Twitter and Facebook:

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All of the writing obtained in this blog is copyrighted, unless otherwise specified.
© Renee Masson
Author of Tearing Honor


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