A Coffee Shop So Good It Gets Its Own Separate Post

For those of you who may have been hoping for a second round of MMmm Coffee! Where Should You Be Getting It, this isn’t exactly it. But, I can say that the coffee shop I wish to write about today IS where you should be getting coffee. If I lived closer to it, or if the coffee shop itself moved down to my area special for me (I know, keep dreaming), I would frequent it. As would (or should, if you’re lucky enough to live near it) you!

The Met Coffee House and Fine Art Gallery in North Conway, NH is this glorious shop I speak of. I was lucky enough to visit The Met mid-week when us tourists are scarce. College students were gathered around studying at the various tables and couches throughout the shop. Business men and women popped in on their lunch break for the steamy cup of coffee they thought would only remain in their dreams. Locals strolled in to check out the latest artwork donning the walls that rocketed up to the second floor. The Met is a piece of art itself, from the artwork for sale to their cups of coffee and hot cocoa.

This isn’t just any old coffee shop. You have endless options of lattes, teas, smoothies, hot cocoas, and more! I opted for a latte myself, the two times I stopped in. I selected a post-ski hazelnut and chocolate latte to warm my bones. I believe this was a “toffee” latte, if I’m correctly recalling the name. It was just the right amount of chocolate and hazelnut, a nice way to have a “hot cocoa” without the heaviness involved. The highlight: the fluffy, creamy, smooth milk. How does one make a latte so pristine? I thought perhaps the man behind the counter just had some special talent. But the second latte I had the next day was made by a woman who worked there.

I had the same glorious experience with this latte, the perfectly smooth and fluffy milk you want in every latte you drink. I had a hazelnut and white chocolate latte (I guess I like hazelnut and chocolate!), but I’m not recalling the name of this latte. This time, the young woman made a design in my latte! My first ever. I also made her day by taking the photo you see to the right of this paragraph.

Among the many options you have at The Met, you’ll also need to decide where you want to sit. When you walk in there are tables and a small couch area leading up to your visit to the register. You’ll also find a second room hidden behind the register, which is really small and cozy. It didn’t appeal to me since it felt more on the dungeony, dark side. To the right of the main room, there are stairs leading up to a room with tall bar tables and another couch area by a set of windows. I made my way up the stairs to a bar table. There was a lot of sun shining in through the windows and it was surprisingly quieter upstairs. I also had a nice view of tons of paintings on the wall, and could look down on the whole coffee shop at the stairway.

Finally, coffee mug collectors will find a selection of locally handmade pottery mugs throughout the shop. I’ve been needing a nice new cappuccino cup, regretting my purchase of a cheap plain white one to begin with. I found an awesome brown mug with a greenish rim. It keeps the heat inside the cup and I don’t burn my fingers when I pick it up to take a sip. It was expensive, but it was handmade and it rocks.

The Met Coffeehouse is worth the trip. Next time you find yourself heading to or through North Conway, this is a must visit stop. I give their coffee a 6 out of 5!


About Renee

I'm a self-published author searching for her place in the publishing industry. I seek out inspiration through yoga and the world around me to transcribe into my writing. I work retail in the daytime and escape into my writing at night.
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