Writer’s Block? That’s What NaNoWriMo Is For!

I apologize for the lack of posts as of late. My second novel has been kicking my butt, and it’s been stressful. I’ve thought of ways I could overcome this block I’ve hit, such as changing the outcome of a situation halfway through, leading my main character into a new direction, etc. etc. So far, these ideas haven’t been working out in my favor. I know I said that I’d be releasing Novel 2 this month, but I need to set it aside, switch gears, then come back to it.

In the meantime, I’m getting prepped for NaNoWriMo! I’ll have far more to entertain you with as I face my third year of literary abandon. This time around, I’m jumping into a whole new boat. With my love for fantasy, I decided that I should try my hand at writing a fantasy novel. I have some crazy ideas stewing in my brain for this novel, and it’s quite exciting. Though previously I may have focused on one idea in my novels, I’m wrapping together a whole slew of ideas into one writing experience. Granted, all of these ideas mixed together may not turn out well, NaNoWriMo is the time to just write. What better time to experiment than November?

I’ll keep you guys updated with how this process is going. There’s only 11 days until November, so it won’t be long until you hear from me again. I have lots of new strategies I want to try out this time around, such as sketching out specific characters or scenes to provide a better description in the novel itself. I think it’s going to help out a lot. I don’t think I have the best way of sharing these images with you all, but if I can manage to find a way, I will share.

The winter months really get me into the writing mode, so don’t worry. Novel 2 will be around eventually. Maybe not this month, but within a few months. I need to get my creative juices working on something new to get my passion reignited. Then that ending will come, a title will be in a place, and all will be well in the world.

Thank you all for your patience!



About Renee

I'm a self-published author searching for her place in the publishing industry. I seek out inspiration through yoga and the world around me to transcribe into my writing. I work retail in the daytime and escape into my writing at night.
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