6 Months Of Tearing Honor: Let’s Celebrate With A Sneak Peek!

Today is Tearing Honor’s 6 month anniversary. Perhaps anniversary isn’t the correct word since it hasn’t been a year, but regardless, 6 months prior to this day, Tearing Honor was published. In celebration of this milestone in my career as an author, I would like to do something for my readers.  The date snuck up on me, so I didn’t have anything elaborate planned – working full time keeps me pretty busy.  But, I am finally going to share an excerpt from my upcoming novel (which has yet to be named).

I’ll start you off right where it all begins, should I decide to change latter parts. This part of my book will remain the same, for the most part. I may elaborate further on some points here, but this should give you an idea of the action-packed novel I have in store for you.

I appreciate all of the support you’ve offered with Tearing Honor and my writing career in general. I hope this is a special treat for you all!

Without further ado, I bring you Novel #2, a selection from Chapter 1:

Chapter  1

The pilot’s voice boomed over the intercom of the airplane, “We’ll be landing in Burlington, Vermont in approximately 20 more minutes! The current temperature is a brisk 42 degrees, with winds up to 10 mph. Please remain in your seats until your flight attendant turns off the fasten seat belt sign. Thank you for flying with us today!”

Gary awoke abruptly, glancing over at his wife Nancy. She was still fast asleep, her lips pursed together. He noticed how tense her face was. He couldn’t help but wonder when she had become so stressed. She was always the bubbly, happy type without a care in the world. He started to think that maybe he had brought this stress into her life. After all, he came home complaining to her about his clients on a regular basis. He couldn’t help it; being a lawyer was a curse. All the troubles in the world became much more evident with each client he had. He felt a little relieved when he could share the troubles of others with her. It was almost like he became removed from them when he said them out loud. Both him and Nancy needed this vacation more than anything.

Gary realized he was staring at Nancy this entire time. He shook his head, trying to snap himself out of it. He gently shook Nancy’s arm to wake her up to inform her that they were almost at the airport.

“Hmm,” she murmured as she slowly rose back into consciousness.

“Honey, we should be at the airport in just under 20 minutes or so,” Gary reiterated.

“Oh, Ok,” she mumbled as she wiped the sleep out of her eyes.

They went over details of the trip with one another while waiting for the plane to land. It was the first time in five years since they had left Chicago.  Gary had been too consumed in his work to take care of himself and take a vacation to recuperate. Nancy had suggested it a few times, but he was too stubborn to listen to her. He felt it wasn’t a necessity since Nancy had the whole summer off, being an elementary school teacher and all. He wouldn’t admit he needed to take time off, since he was a workaholic. Therefore, they opted out of going anywhere for years and years. Gary caved this year because he wasn’t getting as many clients as he used to. People couldn’t afford to pay lawyers to fight their battles in such tough economic times. Since business was slow, Gary figured he wouldn’t miss out on very many clients while away.

The pilot came back on the speakerphone with an update, “We will begin our descent onto the landing strip now. Please make sure that your seat belts are fastened until further notice.” Everyone in the plane was antsy to get out of their seats. Children awoke, crying and chattering amongst themselves. People began to pack up their belongings that were directly within reach.

Gary reached for his laptop bag, sliding his laptop inside. He figured he could use his computer on this trip, should any important e-mail come in while he was away. He couldn’t quite bring himself to separate from work completely. Nancy hated this about him. She always saw vacation as separating from everything back at home. She glanced over at Gary as he put his computer away, sneering as he did so. She wished she could convince him to spend some time to himself or even with her.

The plane descended, shaking and whirring as the wheels approached the landing strip. Everyone quieted down, anticipating the events ahead. Nancy grabbed the romance novel she had been reading before she fell asleep, stashing it into her small tote bag. Her and Gary placed their bags on their laps, anxiously waiting to exit their seats.

The plane finally reached a stop, the fasten seat belt signs flashing off. Nancy quickly got into the aisle of the plane so that her and Gary could escape the crowd of people sooner rather than later. Like a rabbit, she grabbed their bags and grabbed Gary’s hand to help him into the aisle more rapidly. They pushed through the aisles, making their way off of the plane. Nancy tended to get anxiety in chaotic crowds, so she was fast about avoiding them in movie theaters and planes alike.

Gary headed to the rental car section of the airport to get their paperwork all settled, while Nancy gathered up their suitcases at baggage claim. Unfortunately, Nancy couldn’t carry all of their bags and pull their suitcases along, so she called Gary on his cell phone to let him know that she would need some assistance. He grumbled to himself, hating interruptions. He was trying to upgrade their car, thinking they had been assigned a nice luxury sedan instead of a station wagon. He began arguing with the salesman, with the nametag “My Name Is: Shawn” pasted on his chest. Shawn was not at fault, but was the messenger stuck between someone else’s assignments and the man in front of him arguing angrily.

Gary earned himself a discounted upgrade to the luxury sedan he had been hoping for, smoothly arguing his way up. He was a bit peeved that the online website had misled him, but felt his settlement was fair enough. He walked away with the keys, feeling accomplished, but still irked that he didn’t fully win his battle.

Meanwhile, Nancy was waiting impatiently at the baggage claim for Gary. He didn’t typically pay attention to how long he spent on activities. Knowing this himself, he simply told her that he would be down as soon as the car was taken care of. Nancy sighed to herself, fondling her hands while she waited. Suddenly some man pushed her hard, away from the baggage claim, rushing for a bag just in front of her. It was bright red with a black, sparkly ribbon tied to the handle. He was not fazed by Nancy, who had fallen to the floor by his force. She began rubbing her arm to appease the pain she felt. She realized that security was heading right for the man that pushed her. She crawled out of the way, not sure how to react to the situation. The man started running away with the bag while the security man chased after him.

Nancy reached for her cell phone to call her husband to make sure he was ok, and if he was on his way. He didn’t answer his phone, failing to notice the buzzing it emitted in his bag. She feared that the forceful man was a terrorist or something, naturally assuming the worst of the situation. She crawled into a corner by baggage claim in fear.

A minute later, someone announced over the loud speaker, “We apologize for any inconvenience this may bring, but we need to momentarily close the airport to incoming and outgoing passengers. We have a situation on hand, but there isn’t anything to worry about. Please remain calm and stay where you are for the time being. We will let you know when it’s safe to carry on with your business.”

Nancy’s heart was racing, and those around her were clinging to one another in fear. She wished Gary was there to help her calm down. He wasn’t far from her by this point, making it to a nearby baggage claim. When he heard the intercom announcement, he mumbled to himself about trouble following him everywhere. He sat down nearby a plant, just then noticing that Nancy had recently called his phone. Instantly, he called her back, coaching her to relax, letting her know he was just fine. She was glad to hear that, but a bit angry that he had taken so long at the car rental place. When he told her about the upgrade to the car, she rolled her eyes to herself. He always had to make a big deal out of everything.

Two seconds later, a loud Bang! Bang! echoed through the airport. Nancy slouched there on the ground, flinching at the sound of a gun going off. She glanced over toward the man running away to see that he had just shot a man in the shoulder, awfully close to his chest. The man had managed to grab a handgun out of the red suitcase before running off with it. It had been in one of the front zipper pockets of the suitcase, easily accessible. The innocent man, standing there with a bullet in his shoulder, had tried to grab the man running away. Not the smartest of moves, but he was seriously hoping he could help the security guard. The security guard was still lagging behind, reaching for his walkie-talkie to call for backup.

Around the corner came two other security guards, bailing in from the sides to avoid direct line of sight with the man. They didn’t need any more people getting shot. The two sprinted towards the man, who was slowing down with exhaustion. One reached for his ankles and the other went for his arms. The man fell flat on his face, giving the other security guard enough time to grab the man’s arms and handcuff him. No way were they going to let this man run around any longer!

Ten minutes later, a voice came over the speakers telling everyone that it was safe to move about the airport again. Paramedics rushed in to get the man who was shot in the arm. They moved rapidly to get him to the hospital and clear the scene. Reporters started to arrive and policemen were gathering around the scene of the shot. People heard snippets of information here and there about the incident. The man had apparently smuggled in some guns from Europe and had left a note by Gate C saying that he was going to punish the United States for the war in Iraq. He was there with two other friends, who were held up by security as soon as they arrived. The two friends hadn’t hidden their weapons well enough, and the man who made it in pretended they weren’t there together. They were all planning on going on a rampage within the airport.

Everyone in the airport was frightened, jabbering amongst themselves about the things they want to do in life before dying. They couldn’t understand how these men had brought these weapons so far into the airport without getting stopped. Security was on edge, trying to prove that they were doing their job.

Nancy and Gary made their way to one another. Nancy was shaking with fear. Gary embraced her strongly, telling her that everything was fine, they could go enjoy their vacation now. She nodded her head as they made their way outside to their rental car. She started tearing up, knowing that she could let down her guard now that she was away from the crime scene. She wished she could be as strong as Gary in situations like this. He was used to being around troublesome people, though. She was used to being around innocent children who sang all day and simply enjoyed life. This dangerous reality was terrifying her, and she just wanted to go home.

The two made their way to the rental car. If there hadn’t been such a commotion in the airport, Gary would have given Nancy a nice tour of the car, pointing out all of its fancy gadgets. Instead, he opened the passenger door to let her climb in and gathered their bags into the trunk. He realized she needed some space to gather herself. What he didn’t know was that she had seen the attack happen right in front of her eyes. He had been too far over, with plants and baggage claims in his way to see the incident.

That’s it for now folks! Plans are to release this novel this September, though I think October is more realistic. I can guarantee I’ll have my proofs ready in September, which is a huge step toward release! 😉



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