Out With The Old Obsession, In With Moderation!

Not much has been happening on the publishing front the past few months for me. Business has been slow, very slow.  Initially, I’ll admit, I was checking my sales at least twice a day. It was a bit of an obsession. I wouldn’t recommend any authors do the same. You’ll get so much more accomplished by focusing on writing, research, relaxing and what have you.  I’m glad I’ve outgrown that, because I would be heartbroken right now. Don’t get me wrong, my sales have out-shined any expectations I held before taking the plunge into self-publishing, but you also reach a point where you actually want to reach out to more readers. I hope to do just that with my next novel, which is nearly wrapping up at least content-wise. This novel wouldn’t be where it is now if I was still hopping on Amazon to see how Tearing Honor was selling. It’s more exciting to get an email saying a royalty check is on the way to your bank account. Trust me, the surprise is far more exciting than knowing all along how things are going. Of course, you need to be aware at some level how you’re doing and step it up with marketing. Just remember: moderation is the key. I think this is a great motto to follow in all aspects of life, including how much of a food you eat, how much exercise you put in, how much partying you do, etc. etc. Too much of something tends to fall into the category of “unhealthy.”

Enough lecturing for the day! Here’s my shameless plug for the day. If you haven’t obtained your copy of Tearing Honor, there is a sale going on until July 31st on Smashwords where you can get an ebook copy for just $1 (that’s 50% off!). Click here to get your copy while this Smashwords summer sale is going on!

To update you all in regards to my “Donating In Honor Of My Grandfathers” post, I donated $15 to Relay for Life. My base was $10 and additional donations were based on how many sales I made. So thanks to all who purchased a copy during this period of time. $5 additional dollars can go a long way sometimes! My sister’s team reached their goal too!

I have a special interview lined up for my blog in the near future. I’m sure you can guess who (comment away with your guesses, but I’m not going to tell you who until the interview is prepped.. I like to try and surprise you all). In the meantime, I thought it’d be nice of me to share a little sneak peek of my yet-to-be-named novel #2. Here’s a brief synopsis of this upcoming novel:

An overworked couple takes a vacation from Chicago in Vermont, where the husband is hit with a mid-life crisis. Gary, a lawyer in Chicago turned farmer in Vermont, encounters endless surprises as he begins a new life. His wife, Nancy, struggles to decide if she should stay in Vermont or return to her old life alone.  Along the way, two strangers enter the couple’s life sealing their fate in the small Vermont town. Join Gary and Nancy as they learn to farm and fight to help the next generation, while a villainous farmer attempts to destroy their dreams.

I will be sharing an excerpt with you as soon as I pick out my favorite part of the book and complete some serious edits.  I’ve been struggling with “telling” versus “showing.” I came across a lovely blog post educating on the difference between these two. Basically, you want to show your readers what characters are doing, not tell them. So instead of saying “he screamed” you would say “his body tensed up, a shriek erupting from his throat” or something like that. I’m still working at it and hope that this will give you an even more exciting reading experience with the above mentioned novel.  I’ve had a lot of fun writing this one and can’t wait to share it.

I pick this book up every time I go to the bookstore simply because of the cover. It's so odd to me and captures my attention.

I’ve also been contemplating cover design for this coming novel. I didn’t put nearly enough thought into Tearing Honor’s cover, though I am happy with the way it came out.  But my creative juices are bubbling and I am dying to throw myself into a cover design project.  I’ve always been a fan of collaging, and would love to test it out on a book cover.  The cover is a HUGE selling point in your novel. I know I judge books by their covers every day.  I’ve spent a while scouring the shelves of Barnes & Noble and checking out indie authors’ book covers online.  It’s time for me to dive in and “Ohh Ahh” you all into loving my next book cover.

I’m curious, how many of you judge books by their covers? What book cover elements tend to draw your attention?



About Renee

I'm a self-published author searching for her place in the publishing industry. I seek out inspiration through yoga and the world around me to transcribe into my writing. I work retail in the daytime and escape into my writing at night.
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