Book Review: Meant To Be By Tiffany King

Tiffany King intertwines romance and paranormal beautifully in her debut novel Meant to Be. It’s not your typical romance novel, in a good way. You won’t want to put this one down!

Krista is a smart teenager with high sensitivity to feelings, to the point where her emotions occasionally get the best of and make her sick. She has one place she feels the most relaxed and happy: her dreams. You’ve probably had a dream guy or girl at some point in your life. But Krista dreams about her dream man every night! How’s that for a twist?

She’s always been an outcast in school, that is, up until her and her mom take the plunge into Santa Cruz.  Krista instantly feels strangely amazing connections to a solid group of friends. Relationships ensue in the group, love screaming out to the world that they are couples. But their immense connections to one another pose great danger to them. Paranormal forces appear to be working against them. They need to gain control over these forces if they’re to live in peace. Do they have it in them to do so?

Tiffany King sets up Meant to Be nicely for a sequel, but it’s so amazing that I would even be content if this were the only novel in this series (though I would love a sequel). I was drawn in from the first paragraph. The scene is set throughout, giving you the full picture of where the characters are and who is involved.  The characters are well thought out, each with their unique personalities and reactions to situations.

Krista, the main character, shares quite a bit in common with me which made the novel that much more enjoyable. I could relate to her heightened emotions, being an empathetic person myself, and a great deal more. My parents wouldn’t allow me to watch the news when I was a kid for a while there, much like Krista’s parents wouldn’t let her watch sad movies. It was great having someone to relate with on such a random matter.

If you’re looking for a relatively quick read that you won’t want to put down, Meant to Be is calling your name. Bring it to the beach and you’ll really feel connected to it (I wish I had). A 5 out of 5 star novel, Meant to Be is the bees knees.

Meant to Be is available in ebook and paperback right on Amazon. You can get this great read for a bargain price of 99 cents in ebook form and just $8.99 in paperback (trust me, that’s an amazing deal!).


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I'm a self-published author searching for her place in the publishing industry. I seek out inspiration through yoga and the world around me to transcribe into my writing. I work retail in the daytime and escape into my writing at night.
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