Caving In To Ebook Publishing

Hi all,

So remember when I said I wasn’t going to publish Tearing Honor in ebook form? Apparently I’m a liar. At this point, I feel more guilty than anything. I still don’t believe in ebooks, but there was enough demand for my book in ebook form that I thought I should at least accommodate for my readers. I realized that as a new author, I should give people the opportunity to read my writing without having to commit to a paperback.  I should at least allow a nice preview of my writing so that people can decide whether or not I’m worth buying paperbacks from. And who am I kidding, trying to develop a reader base on paperbacks when ebooks are what’s hot right now?  Some of you prefer ebooks, while others (like myself) prefer paperbacks. That doesn’t mean I have to keep you from obtaining a copy of my book in ebook form because I don’t like them.

Then there’s me feeling guilty for publishing an ebook version because I’m concerned people will be upset that they purchased my paperback book at $9, when they could’ve had it at $1.25 just 2 months after the paperback release.  I reassured a few people that I would not be releasing an ebook.  Darn me convincing myself and others that I would not partake in ebook publishing. I can’t help that the cost varies between print and ebooks.  I absolutely did not publish my ebook later on to rip anyone off.  I’m doing it for international readers (who wouldn’t have been able to obtain my paperback edition) and for those who don’t know me well enough to commit to buying a paperback.  I hope people are understanding about this.  I suppose I can’t please everyone.

I also want you all to know that I have looked into pirating of ebooks, and though it happens at times, it really isn’t as likely for someone who isn’t well known.  And if I were well known, people may be pirating it left and right. If that were the case, I’d be selling so many copies that it wouldn’t even matter.  I’m not saying I don’t value my book – I absolutely do. You know I do because my main concerns were about people stealing my book or seeing it as less valuable because it was an ebook.  But I have overcome those concerns with some reading (particularly from Susan Bischoff’s Blog and Catherine Ryan Howard’s Blog) from fellow authors.

I hope I haven’t disappointed any of you for going against my own beliefs. But know that I didn’t throw myself in blindly. I did my reading.

Without further ado, you can find Tearing Honor up for sale as an ebook on Amazon Kindebooks at $1.25!



About Renee

I'm a self-published author searching for her place in the publishing industry. I seek out inspiration through yoga and the world around me to transcribe into my writing. I work retail in the daytime and escape into my writing at night.
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4 Responses to Caving In To Ebook Publishing

  1. David says:

    Just because an ebook costs less for a consumer, it doesn’t mean it should make you less money. An ebook is cheaper because you don’t need to print, ship, or stock it, not because it is a “preview.” I plan on (initially) publishing Orphaned Kingdom through PDF because it just won’t be cost effective to print it. If you aren’t making money at the price point of your ebook, then your buyers are pirating from you legally. Never undervalue your work.

    And you definitely don’t need to worry about piracy. Most people only pirate big name stuff, and for small authors it can sort of be considered advertising. It’s not right for someone to read your book without paying, but at least they’ll remember your name if they like it. Many people grow out of piracy too, so by the time you have your next book on the featured rack at B&N, they’ll be more likely to buy that.

    The last thing I’ll say about ebooks is that they’re pretty much the future. I’ll doubt dead tree editions will go away forever, but you’re missing out on a big market if you don’t sell digital. It’s like saying you’ll sell your book in Borders but not Barnes and Noble.

  2. Renee says:

    It makes sense the ebooks aren’t the same price as printed copies. I was concerned that the cost would be confused with the value of the book. I think I may have been placing those into the same category before, when really, the value of the book is the same regardless of whether it’s paperback or ebooks. To some extent, I do feel paperbacks have more value because it offers the front and back portions of the cover, whereas in the ebook, you only see the cover image – just a minor detail. But you’re right, it’s the words that matter.

    As for pirating, I completely agree with what you’re saying. Previously, I didn’t have much knowledge of pirating of ebooks and blindly said I was concerned people would pirate my book. But absolutely – pirating can actually be beneficial in the long run. Though it isn’t right for people to pirate your ebook, if they like it, yeah, they’ll tell other people about it or even buy some of your work. I was thinking back to when I used to use Napster or whatever else music sharing programs they had, and eventually I’d buy cds from artists I really liked. I also told people about bands which probably made them more sales. Same thing goes for ebooks.

    I’m glad you’re looking into publishing Orphaned Kingdom in PDF form. Ebooks are slaughtering paperbacks in sales, and that’s the way to go. If you want to make it, you have to keep up with the trends. That’s something I need to keep telling myself. Though I may not personally read ebooks, I can at least let others have that option.

    Thanks for the comments!

  3. Katja says:

    I really appreciate you making it an ebook, since getting a paperback just isn’t a viable option for me. The postage to Finland is more than the price of the book. (What am I doing living here? I don’t know…)

    About piracy, Gaiman has a wonderful video about it: – It made me very much against DRM, and I will, never put one on my ebooks (if I ever get to that point).

  4. Renee says:

    No problem. I needed to get over my fear of posting it as an ebook. Thank you for reaching out to get a copy of it. I’m glad I was able to accommodate for you. And thank you for your support!

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