Fleshing out NaNoWriMo Details

See “It’s That Time Again” (post before this) before reading this post.

In reconsidering the plot for my next novel, I’ve decided which plot points I would like to change the  most.  I’m not a huge fan of the location being Hawaii or the lawyer spending his time surfing. I think a different location and hobby would greatly improve this upcoming novel. I’m trying to decide on where a person would go on vacation and decide to drop their previous life.  Would Florida be tangible enough? I want to pick a place I am more familiar with and can think of a more logical hobby for lawyer. Would writing be too stereotypical? Or maybe photography. Now THAT can definitely bring in some fun to the story.  The only thing is that I am a fan of him becoming good friends with a young boy, a fatherly figure to the boy, almost in a Big Brother sense (not George Orwell, the community service sense). I don’t think photography would allow for that possibility. The only real possibility I can think of would be if he was photographing at a school or sports event. He could be doing something really lame like bowling, but I don’t think that would be entertaining enough for a novel. So I will continue to contemplate his hobby.

I’ve decided that he is going on vacation with his wife still, but I will bring the wife back into the story at some point. She will leave him in Florida, waiting last minute to board her plane until he never shows. She’ll go home for a week, give him his space, call him each week for a month, and fly out to try and bring him back home. She’ll discover he’s fallen in love with another woman, etc. So I think the wife could work.

Well, for now, that’s what’s new with the progress of my novel outline.

Good Night!



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I'm a self-published author searching for her place in the publishing industry. I seek out inspiration through yoga and the world around me to transcribe into my writing. I work retail in the daytime and escape into my writing at night.
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One Response to Fleshing out NaNoWriMo Details

  1. Bob says:

    You need to understand men and their motivations first. Perhaps he went on vacation and ran into something that triggered fond memories. But his job, lawyer whatever, needs to be something he has become fed up with perhaps. Burnt out, disillusioned with. There has to be a motivation to seek a change. Example, say he was really into working on cars when he was young. He had always wanted to have a hobby of restoring old cars, but his parents pushed him to go to college and law school, got involved, got married had responsibilities and this all pushed his true passion aside.

    On this vacation, some nice place a husband and wife would go, say renting a beach house for a couple weeks…. it could be anywhere, Florida/Hawaii is too cliche. Is this summer? If so, think farther north, the south is too miserable, maybe N Carolina, or even New England… the Maine or NH coast.

    Say he had to drive by this old rickety auto repair shop to get anywhere from the beach house they were renting. And it was for sale and abandoned but perfect for his deeply hidden desire for a simpler life doing what he had really enjoyed as a teenager, fixing up cars, souping them up. This stimulus of driving past this shop slowly builds some kind of rebellion within himself for who and what he has become, and makes him reflect on his life. Maybe he is an asshole lawyer doing the dirty work for giant corporations, and his conscience finally gets to him, or as a private practice lawyer, things have just sucked with the economy and such and the grind has just become unpleasant.

    So he resolves to buy this little shop and go back to fulfilling his original dream. Your young boy could be from the neighborhood, and like cars and be fascinated by this guy and his cool shop and the interesting things that go on. It is plausible, non-creepy, and gives you tons of potential directions to take the relationship, introduce a mom, etc. In fact, inside the wore down shop, there was this old Ford Mustang, and as a once expert on such things he realized it was actually an old Shelby, a rare one which when fixed up could be worth $500K… enough to pay for the entire shop and property. And say the kid, being a sharp little kid, also realized this too and that is why he wants so intently to be involved.

    As for the wife, well, either the marriage needs to have problems or she needs to have changed in some way that a guy who was in love with his wife can make such a drastic change unilaterally AND it doesn’t even have a place for her in his new direction.

    Actual people in real life don’t suddenly just move apart, but handling this could be a real challenge for a serious novelist to explore. Potentially very rewarding for you as a writer to achieve plausible and riveting motivations.

    You could have the location be somewhere where he had spent time as a kid/teenager, and perhaps have someone… first love, whatever… be rediscovered and he realizes he was really in love with her all along. There you go, turns out the kids mom is his long lost first love, yadda yadda. Could be too cliche.

    Or he could meet someone, someone so amazing … to him… that he falls in love. The whole true love thing might also be too cliche. Do you want this to be a pleasant piece or do you want there to be emotional violence. You can go a lot of directions with emotions, even more than one direction at the same time.

    Or he could be a republican and finally come out of the closet (if you know what I mean). Yeah, that’s it, make the location Province town MA.

    You’re the writer, it can be anything you want, the beauty of the blank sheet of paper. Just make sure it’s plausible, and to be engrossing it has to have elements your readers can relate to, even if they won’t admit it to themselves that they relate.

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